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Cleaning Plugs

Cleaning Plugs

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Designed specifically for sealing glass during cleaning, our plugs are the perfect solution to prevent liquids from spilling out while you give your glass a thorough cleanse. Using the highest quality of silicone, our cleaning plugs are a reliable and a practical accessory for any glass cleaning routine.

Our plugs are engineered to fit snugly into all the glass openings, providing a secure and leak-proof seal. This ensures that no liquid escapes while you clean or rinse the glass, giving you peace of mind.

Made from high quality silicone, our plugs are built to last. They can withstand highly aggressive cleaners, repeated use and maintain their sealing effectiveness.

Sizes: Our cleaning plug set comes with 3 plugs in total, 2 plugs sized to fit 10mm to 20mm openings & 1 plug to fit 24mm to 53mm openings. Our plugs fit 99% of all glass but we still urge you to measure beforehand to ensure they're the right fit!

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