GRiLAH Green Cleaner 2oz

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  • Our one of a kind, powder based cleaner cleans the toughest resin build up on your glass and metal water pipes.
  • 2 oz Pouch

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18 reviews for GRiLAH Green Cleaner 2oz

  1. Michelle

    I tried the Citrus cleaner first, but I’m shocked at how good this one is. I’ve found my favorite cleaner, for anyone who is curious, I just put a spoon of this in a cup and then put hot water, I mixed it a bit and then poured it into my pipe. You can literally see it cleaning, then after around 10 minutes I poured it out, turned on the faucet and put my pipe under it to wash it out. It’s so good!

  2. Kimberly S.

    Love it so much!

  3. Greg

    With the way this thing cleans , I’m pretty sure this is what the ‘elite’ use to clean their stuff. I cant imagine a billionaire shaking up his pipe to clean it, they probably use this kind of stuff, way more sophisticated and works a lot better too. You just watch it do the cleaning by itself.

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