GRiLAH Green Cleaner 2oz

(18 customer reviews)


  • Our one of a kind, powder based cleaner cleans the toughest resin build up on your glass and metal water pipes.
  • 2 oz Pouch

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18 reviews for GRiLAH Green Cleaner 2oz

  1. Ryan

    My favorite cleaner, never thought id see a powder cleaner but its a solid 10/10

  2. Jeffrey Hudson

    I just put a spoon of this in a cup and then put hot water and stirred it abit, then poured it into my glass and let it do its thing for few minutes, I could actually see it cleaning. Great cleaner plus no shaking and getting your hands all messy.

  3. Emily

    So good! I bought it at a shop nearby but they ran out when I needed it again so I got it here.

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