GRiLAH Extra Shine Cleaner 16oz

(12 customer reviews)


  • The CLASSIC Cleaner with a few altercations, now adding a shine element to your cleanings.
  • Contains components for cleaning both resin and wax residue (works as both a regular pipe cleaner & a 710 cleaner)
  • 16 oz Bottle


12 reviews for GRiLAH Extra Shine Cleaner 16oz

  1. Ashley T

    I’ve used the green one several times, I had to try out the other ones and so far extra shine works great. Thanks!

  2. Sandy Baker

    After cleaning the next sesh is always the best. Fresh smoke and no smell. Great cleaner!! 10/10

  3. AJ

    Extra Shine is good, I’ll probably end up testing out all 3.

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