GRiLAH Citrus Cleaner 16oz

(21 customer reviews)


  • The CLASSIC Cleaner with an aggressive twist!
  • Specifically formulated for high use glass & metal pipes
  • Contains components for cleaning both resin and wax residue (works as both a regular pipe cleaner & a 710 cleaner)
  • 16 oz Bottle


21 reviews for GRiLAH Citrus Cleaner 16oz

  1. Amy H.

    Hands down the best cleaner I’ve used! It gets all the build up that doesn’t come off no matter what. I’ll try the Green one next, I’ll review that one too!

  2. Natalie

    Love it!

  3. Paul Hartman

    Cleans very good, left my pipe clean with a hint of orange scent. Just follow the instructions and you’ll have a clean pipe. I’ve used it on my piece before too, just put it in a ziplock bag with the cleaner and shook it for a bit. Will be buying again very soon.

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