About GRiLAH

From the belief that cleaning should be done RIGHT...

When we realized most cleaners just didn’t cut it for our pipes, due to either not enough scouring strength,  too little/weak of an abrasive or simply just too much residue left over, we made sure to get it done right. Soon enough, GRiLAH Citrus was born! Taking 100+ formulations (seriously) and months of work, we had it in our hands. Formulated and first sold in America’s Finest City, we knew we had something special. 

After nearly 2 years of selling ‘Citrus Cleaner’, we innovated something no one had done before . . . we made a non-toxic powder based cleaner for pipes and called it our ‘Green Cleaner’. Believe us when we say, this is definitely “The BEST cleaner in the business”, we still can’t believe it’s this good at cleaning. 

Shortly after making the ‘Green Cleaner’, we decided we’d make a cleaner that should include a shine element to the pipe, because what’s better than a clean AND shiny pipe?! So we wen’t back to the drawing board and came out with our ‘Extra Shine Cleaner’!

We’re not done yet! Stay tuned for all the GRiLAH productions coming soon.

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